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3D video game for  children, ages 7 to 12,

to promote the habit of reading

and  improve personal skills

Creative Concept

An immersive world, for a high intrinsic motivation that enhances reading.

    Booky Pets are magical creatures with “book -wings” that live in an enchanting world. By reaching certain reading goals and facing the Monsters of the game (laziness, fear and selfishness), the child will be able to free and evolve the Booky Pets, which will transfer him their personal Super-powers.

Game based learning

Digital Video Games Approach (DVGA) no “gamification”:

Maximum customization and involvement.

 In Be Your Best we use video games as a potential source of inspiration for children to learn something long lasting and enjoy it at the same time.

Our game based approach looks to apply pedagogical principles such as strategy, planning, problem solving and team work. 

Playing Video Games

GameReading Experience: Daily, In-game, Multi-Device

Devote time to reading daily has proven benefits: it exercises the brain, improves academic performance, enhances concentration, improves relationships, increases curiosity and imagination and helps develop strong listening skills.

Using DRM and e-book encryption system for a catalog of over 1,500 books & tales, our game offers secure and numerous reading sources.

Learning with Tablets

Transforms from the inside out : Soft skills development

 Soft Skills, especially life skills, help children know how to cope with daily situations as well as on more long-term choices. If children are well-equipped with Soft Skills,

they will have the flexibility to manage their lives when they grow up.

Our video game focuses on developing the soft skills based on a 3 step emotional intelligence system: THINKING – FEELING - ACTING


​Adaptation to the school system

  • Based on the established reading standards: fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, phonics

  • Connection: Teacher - Child - Parents

  • Teachers Area:  School customization, reports, teaching materials, feedback and interaction

Contact - MIAMI

1444 Biscayne Blvd. #212
33132 Miami, Florida

Contact - MADRID


c/ Gabriel García Márquez, 4

28232-Las Rozas, Madrid

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